Andras has worked with some of the leading amateur bands in Denmark and Faroe Islands. 2009-2010 he started working with concord brass band as a band trainer and conducting most of their concert. Concord won the danish championship for brass band 2009 and 2010. After Concord brass band Andras was appointed band trainer in Lyngby Taarbæk Brass Band 2011-2012. Lyngby Taarbæk brass band rewon the danish championship in 2011.
Andras has also worked with band training with Tórshavn brass band. Tórshavn brass band won the EBBA competition, section b, in 2004 in Glasgow with 91 points, and became 2nd in 2006 in belfast with 92 points.
Andras teaches students from beginners to advanced students. He also often does band training and teaching in various band around in Denmark and Faroe Islands at all levels.
In January 2016 Andras was appointed as a conductor of ChristiansHavn Brass Band.

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