Andras has written and arranged music since 2004. The inspiration to Andras’ music comes from his close collaboration with ensembles and musicians. He likes to experience with possibilities of the instrument and the musicians, which sometimes leads to ”acting” and using the space of the stage or concert hall.


2015 Hann gongur í nátt. (commissioned by FIGURA, supported by Statens Kunstfond)
Mezzo-sopran (faroese text), viola, bass cl, cb, perc
2014 Marra
Viola, Flute, Clarinet
2014 Náttarsangur til á (river nocturne)
Woodwind quintet
Náttarsangur til á, performed by Aldubáran
Performed by Aldubáran
2013 Tað einfalda kann
Brass Ensemble
2013  Still Standing
Brass Band
Still standing with Havnar Hornorkestur
Performed by Havnar Hornorkestur
2010  Ein annar heimur (a different world)(commissioned by CphSaxquartet, supported by Statens Kunstfond)
Sax kvartett
Ein annar heimur with Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet
Performed by CPH saxofon quartet
2009  Sunnumorgun (sunday morning)
Sax, Contrabass 2009
2008  Oktett
fl, cl, bsn, obo, horn, trb, 2 trp,
2008  við fremmandum eygum (through a strangers eyes)
solo bsn
2008  Náttarleikur (playing in the night)
vln, pno
2007  Vetrarmynd (winter picture)
vln, cor, pno
05 Vetrarkvøld
Performed by Aldubáran
2007  Summardagur í Føroyum (summerday in faroe islands)
3 trp, trb, perc
2005  Surround Fanfare
Trb, euph, perc (1 player)

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